The Undead
Horror.  Humor.  PWP.  A late Halloween piece. 
Nov. 1, 1999
Moving On No Longer
Smarm.  Drama.  Spoilers for Spare Parts.  Blair remembers his childhood and finds he has a home.
Nov. 18, 1999
How the Sentinel Stole Christmas
Holiday. Christmas. Humor.Pretty self explanatory. The Grinch That Stole Christmas, Sentinel Style.
Dec. 5, 1999
The Trashcan
Humor (at least for me). A glimpse into the past of our favorite Sentinel and Guide. Yes, Dawn and Izzy, there really was a trashcan.
Dec. 14, 1999
The Game
DEATH STORY. Angst. WIP. A new story in progress. First four parts up so far. Blair's spiritual journey to save his Sentinel's life.
Last Updated Dec. 19, 1999
Late Night With Blair Sandburg
Crossover. Blair makes an appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brian
Jan. 13, 2000
Simon the Scrooge
Holiday.  Christmas. Angst.  Humor.  Simon's grouchy.  At Christmas.
Feb. 25, 2000
Humor.  PWP.  Blair shows off.
Feb. 25, 2000
Angst.  Blair waits.  Darbble.  Pointless angst in search of a plot.  My dues for the SentinelAngst List
March 8, 2000
Blair's Bad Day
Angst.  H/C (But almost all Hurt)  Blair has a bad day.  My dues for the SentinelAngst List.  I really need to start writing more.

May 4, 2000